About Me

My name is Kadie, and I’m passionate about writing and learning more. I have a dog named Cat because my husband refuses to buy me a Maine Coon. I love Pink, (the artist, and the color). My spirit animal is a unicorn. I’m a jack of all trades but found my passion in creating stories where I can do it all. This year, I’ve written four books in four different genres as I just love stories. I’m wide open to growth and learning more in this ever-growing industry.


The Sphere is an ultimate weapon to destroy a world and requires the sacrifice of ten magical kids. Nine are missing and novice fae, Sophie, is the tenth.

Seventeen-year-old Sophie Emerson struggles to keep her clairvoyance a secret. Seeing the future belongs to the Dark Ones. But when Sophie’s visions display the nine missing kids from the village and place herself in the middle of it all, she has a choice to make. Reveal her secret and suffer the consequences or end up being the missing segment of a weapon that will bring forth the apocalypse.

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