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Learn More: Writers Connect – 6

This is a long one and I’m sure one that plenty of authors at this conference waited for. Agents and Business: Finding (and keeping) The Right Agent For You. Panel

Learn More: Writers Connect 2021 – 5

The next two panels are here. The Power of Genre: How Romance Challenge our Perspective on Art. Nick Hicks and Alix Hicks, Amber D. Samuel and Avery Keelan with Tamara

Love to Learn: Writers Connect 2021 – 4

Today’s panels were some of my favorite. Let’s dive in. A Brand is something you can trust. The panel comprises Nikki Pierce, Crystal J Johnson, Avery Keelan, Felicity Vaughn and

Love to Learn: Writers Connect 2021 – 3

Today’s panels were some of my favorite. The first one. A Writer Walks into the Bar (comedy panel) Zoe Blessing led the panel, and the speakers were Michael Estrin, Debra

Love to Learn: Writers Connect 21 – 2

The two next panels were really a bit of eye openers in their own categories. First up; Hwalin Oh, and David Shinok Lee speaking about Webtoon. What I loved about

Love to Learn: Writers Connect 2021 – 1

The key panelist was Clarissa North that led the others into a deep discussion about what makes romances work and how to hook your readers. They spoke about: Obstacles, tropes,

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The Writer’s Bible: The Occupation TheSaurus.   Okay, so a month ago, I started this post on books I think every author needs to invest in. These books are a


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