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Promotions for the 15th of July

Mrs. Anderson burst through the door and immediately locked gazes with him. Her old, wrinkled eyes, usually stern–and a bit malicious- were different now. They were red, and their corners

Books on Promotion in June

From Book 1: Skye’s whole life she has been told she was the one to defeat the dark source. She took pride in getting rid of evil. Until the coven

Books on Promotion May 15th

Everyone fears the Dark Elf King. Varys is known as a fierce and lethal warrior; none can stand against his armies. When I’m captured by the Dark Elves and taken

Books on Promotion – May

BOOKS ON PROMOTION He came for me with claws and flames, and dragged my soul to Hell. I never believed in the supernatural—until demon wolves hunted me down and dragged

Books on Promotion this week

Luck just isn’t in the cards for Isobel Arden… A down on her luck witch, Isobel Arden reads the cards to earn a living & her clients all have one

Books on Promotions

     First love, broken friendships, superpowers, and a killer on the loose. Whoever said high school is easy? After walking away from the wrong side of a hit and

Book Buzz Book Club: Book of November

Description: After one very tough night, Violet heads to Heaven’s Arena to fight through the floors for money. She’s in over her head, but up for the challenge. She needs

Book Buzz Book Club: Book of October

In a Dystopian Society, where women have lost all rights, and they can be sold as any other property; Hayden Stark (aka Harry Styles) will step forward to buy Ashley

Book Buzz Book Club: Book of September

Title: G-R-A-C-E, Five Simple Letters. This month we have our book of the month. G-R-A-C-E, Five Simple Letters is a book written by @lavinia710. It’s a very spiritual and inspirational


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