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From Book 1: Skye’s whole life she has been told she was the one to defeat the dark source. She took pride in getting rid of evil. Until the coven that has been her life tries to use her for their selfish ways. Turning her back on them felt right at the time. Maybe she made a huge mistake, but she was never letting them use her. Drik’s life has been nothing but fun and games. Spreading evil as much as he can. He knows there is a light witch that is destined to destroy him, but he has come up with a plan to change that destiny. Will their souls handle what is destined for them or will they destroy each other any way they can? Wherever her light goes, his darkness will follow. One path, one destiny, two fated.



She craves vengeance. He requires justice. Fate demands both.

Without enchanted powers and struck with a curse, Princess Rowena could not prevent her family’s murder or save herself from the fallout.

Vulnerable but determined, she dares to conquer her enemies and free her people. But secret deals force her into a betrothal, tempting her into a bold decision that could cost her life.

Rowena has nothing left but to avenge her family before she dies. Until the most terrifying, yet hauntingly handsome fae arrives, demanding she follows her destiny.

Rowena has the power to lead her people or destroy them.

Discover action like Throne of Glass and Graceling, with a twisted fairytale like Maleficent in this epic fantasy adventure. Delve into a slow-burn romance, blended with fae magic and warrior shieldmaidens, that will keep you reading all night long.


In the search for a cure to a viral pandemic, scientist Liz Meyer discovers something far more deadly…Vampires exist.


And what’s even more amazing, they’re immune to the virus.

Liz is both afraid and intrigued. Gifted with dreams that reveal the future, she sees how bad the pandemic will become. A blood sample could be the solution to a cure.

Sexy vampire Ryan awakens a desire within Liz, something she’s never felt before. Too bad the rest of the coven want nothing more than to feast on her blood.

Can Liz get the blood she needs to find a cure? Or will it be her blood that’s taken instead?

Please note: If you’re a die-hard believer in the MAGA movement, for the love of God don’t buy this book. You will NOT be amused.

Fans of The Vampire Diaries series and authors like Ivy Smoak, Richelle Mead, and Bella Forest will love this sci-fi take on vampires.

Kat Stiles is a USA Today Bestselling Author, and huge fan of both sci-fi and urban fantasy. Nearly all of her stories include a super power of some kind and a strong, funny heroine. If you like The Vampire Cure, check out her other series:

Enhanced series

Connected series

Modified series




The discovery of a doorway to another world is earth-shattering, especially to Vanessa a spunky archeologist chosen as part of the first team to go through and study the other side. Through the door and out into a world that supports human life…humans with wings and a longer than average lifespan.

Romance is the furthest thing from her mind but she didn’t expect TalonStar the dark angel who falls in love with her. They will face her haunted past and the politics of two worlds that are against their love. Will they be able to push past everything to make it work?



Can he save her from her future?


Shane Harding only became an enforcer for the paycheck. With a sister and elderly parents to support back in Alabama, making money was all that mattered. However, he quickly learns his new pack has dark secrets to hide. Orders are orders, but now the blood of an innocent man is on his hands, and there’s nothing he can do to change that. He knows he’ll never be able to forgive himself, but worse, he knows she won’t either.



Bears are killing humans, and the sexy new deputy just showed up on Gracie’s porch to check on her. His arrival sets off a cascade of events, revealing long-held secrets that turn everything Gracie thought she knew upside down. Can she keep her cattle and heart safe, or will she succumb to the deputy’s baby blues and rock-hard abs?

This is a standalone paranormal romance novella.
Formerly part of the ROMANCING THE SHIFTER anthology, but has been expanded upon.




Blood on his lips. Power in his touch. A maelstrom in his eyes.

The Prince, an Old One, High Lord of House Montague, is fixated on claiming me. The weight of his grip crushes my throat, and resistance is . . . well.


I am Aerinne Capulette, last daughter of Faronne, and survival forces me to accept he killed my mother, that he will drag me to his bed fighting and cursing as he laughs.

 But I will not accept the subjugation of my House, my family, my friends. If any blood coats my hands, it will be his.

 My unknown power stirs, and with it a glimmer of understanding. Of course he wants me for more than my body. For why am I the only person in the city who can see the shape of his power?

Renaud is power. He plays the long game.

. . .and if you wish to walk the board as queen, and not as pawn, you will play it too, my halfling.

I have said you have no choice. You anchor my sanity.

I have also said I will make you strong enough to bear me. You have noted the storm gathering on the horizon? Scented smoke and crushed blooms in the air?

Yes. A danger that eclipses us both approaches.

I will destroy you before I allow you to be taken. I do not yield what is mine.

But. . .if you submit, it may not come to such a pass. Your darkness may yet rise stronger than my own.

Give yourself to me, and I will give you answers. And then, my halfling, I will teach you to rule.



This collection has a story for everyone including, but not limited to romance, adventure, and even a fright or two.

With so many stories to choose from, the challenge will be where to begin…

Between Realms by USA Today Bestselling Author Lexi Ostrow

Whispers of Ebony by USA Today Bestselling Author Alice Ivinya

Fire and Stone by USA Today Bestselling Author DC Gomez

The Kiss of the Scorpion by Kat Parrish

Cascade by Courtnee Turner Hoyle

Darkest Delights by K.M. Jenkins and Ben Merical

Birdie and the Beast by Harper Hawke

An Encantado Love by Megan Grooms

Tarnished Halo by E.J. Powell

Saving Her Selkie by Lore Nicole

The Daemon’s Stone heart by L. K. Beal

Dragon Bond by Shelley Russell Nolan

Ariel: The Mischievous Fairy by Evelyn Lederman

Sea Monster’s Song by Cassie Greutman

Dragon Marked: Jaden by RK Phillips

Dragon Marked: Axton by ER Richards

Of Scales and Sorrow by Laurie Treacy

To Love a Unicorn by September North






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