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Papa Bear

Exposed as a fraud, an A-list celebrity must find a way to prove that his reputation wasn’t built on lies, but it’s not easy when his biggest accuser is his own daughter.

Chad Gibson has worked hard for his dream life; A-list status, Oscar winner, sexiest man alive, a girlfriend with only one name, and a reputation for his work with underprivileged at-risk youth.

He should enjoy it, but there’s something missing. Papa Bear, the name the world calls him, reminds him he isn’t the one thing he wants to be a father. As he is mourning yet another failed attempt at IVF, a bomb dropped on his life.

A viral TikTok that calls him a fraud and erases his hard-earned moniker.

Dimmi Van Der Merwe disappears from the limelight sixteen years prior, after an unexpected pregnancy forces her to give up a life-changing role. Heartbroken, without her career or boyfriend, she returns home to South Africa. She leads an unglamorous regular life as a mother to teenaged twins, burying their father and the truth of her past in lies. That is until the same viral TikTok blows her life up.

Thrown into tabloid hell, they struggle to navigate the fallout of the video. Will Chad be able to redeem himself, save his career, and hold on to the name Papa Bear? Will Dimmi be able to handle the limelight she escaped from years ago and keep her heart intact?

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