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The next two panels are here.

The Power of Genre: How Romance Challenge our Perspective on Art.

Nick Hicks and Alix Hicks, Amber D. Samuel and Avery Keelan with Tamara Lush as the moderator had an interesting chat about romance and focusing on the romance aspect of stories and how they influence stories no matter what genre.

What I thoroughly enjoyed about this panel was listening to Nick and Alix’s take on romance. We can’t through male romance authors away, cause lets face it, some of them know how to tell a great romance story better than the females can. Just look at Nicholas Sparks. I honestly feel that he needs a genre of his own. That is how amazing his romance novels are. So I loved the fact that Nick and Alix were part of this panel. They spoke about how they got into writing romance, how they dealt with the eyeballs, and tackling other romance aspects of the genre, especially the reason the publishing industry is still thriving with this genre.

Great Panel!

The Art of DIY (Self-Publishing panel)

Anna Also, Kristin Jaques, Rodney V. Smith and Wendy Million with Zoe Blessing as the moderator took on the panel about Self Publishing.

They discuss what it takes to publish your book yourself.

They covered mistakes first, and it was fun to know what you should not do before trying to publish a book yourself.

Anna underestimated the art of marketing and how important it is to do loads of research on this first before hitting that publishing button. She also mentioned the momentum of releasing books. Make sure you have a stack of stories to follow the first novel in order to get yourself out there.

Wendy doesn’t call it mistakes, she calls them her learning moments. She is also pointing out to plan the momentum of your novels and marketing.

Rodney calls them straight out mistakes. He forgot to do research on how to format a novel, forgot to edit his novel properly, used the wrong font for his book, and the outcome was just a huge mistake. He still owns a copy of that book on his shelf as a big reminder to do extensive research first if you do not know how to do something.

Kristin had a publisher that folded before release. Marketing was it for her and she almost gave up, but after extensive research, she tried again.

The pros of self publishing is that you have complete control over your book, but it also means that you are in charge of the marketing, the cover design, the editing, and everything that goes with it. If you do not know how to do that, the task can be daunting. Anna loved the traditional route as she could see how the publishing companies are doing it and then she basically just copied the steps on her next self-published novel. Another way to do it!

The rest of the panel they discuss recourses like stock photos, Book Funnel and Story Origin and how those resources helped them in getting their novels out there. How important Newsletters are and what the overall costs might be when wanting to self-published a novel.

Come back tomorrow for two more panels.

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