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Shifted cover won an Award! -3

I’m so honored that Shifted had won an Award for the cover with the Red Carpet Awards this year. I’ve entered the book in the fantasy category too and it went through to round II, so the verdict on the winning title is still undecided. Crossing fingers, I might walk away in second or third place in that category.

Why is it important to participate in Awards?

Well, the answer is quite simple. You get more eyes in your book. It’s one step that you have to do as a Wattpad writer to take part in awards hosted by other wattpadders on Wattpad. It helps even with the algorithm, which I’m still trying to figure out. I want to do an interview with one of the Wattpad gurus that can tell me more about how the algorithm works and how we can climb those ranks. So what do you need to do with climbing the rankings in the keywords that you added to your books?

But Awards and entering your books in those awards help. 

Thank you so much to the Red Carpet Awards for giving me the Host Choice Award for Best Cover Category. I’m so honored.

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