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Kadie's Journey

The Curse of Blood (Book 2 in the Legacy Born Series)

I have to admit that I absolutely enjoy writing this story. Sophie and Drake’s characters are seriously experiencing a rollercoaster ride as the books get penned down on paper.

I set the second book for a July release. I’m super excited about that. However, the cover might change for book 2 and the one that is advertised as book 2 will become book 3.

So there might be a surprise reveal closer to the release.

Everything is going according to plan.

If you are here, I’m sure you’ve read in my newsletter that I’m finally starting my review/arc/beta-reading team. If you are interested in getting onboard. Don’t forget to join my Facebook group. We are surely growing.

HERE IS THE LINK AGAIN. (Just in case.)

I will post the form in there too.

If you would like to be on my beta/reviewers team, fill in the form


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